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Luxury Window Films

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Solar Control Films

Luxury Window Films

Glare Reduction

Block annoying glare in your living space and make it easier to enjoy a midday TV session or breakfast at the table in front of and eastern facing window. Whatever issue you have with excessive sun exposure these films are the choice option.

Luxury Window Films

Heat Reduction

Cut heat buildup, and heat loss by insulating the glass with Window Film. These films are Energy Star Approved.

Luxury Window Films

Interior Protection

Protect your valuables in your home. Whether it be precious art pieces or expensive furniture or flooring, Window Film will protect them from the inevitable long-term damage from the sun for years to come.

Privacy Films

Enhanced Privacy

Our privacy films can make for nice modern look on a commercial application; or add privacy in your home for front doors, bathrooms, or garage windows.

Luxury Window Films
Luxury Window Films

Safety & Security Films

  • Enhanced Security

    Our Safety & Security Films offer superior resistance to damage or injury from natural disasters, as well as making forced entry through glass a very hard task.

  • State-of-the-art Anchoring

    Our Safety & Security films combined with a mechanical anchoring system will increase the integrity of the glass. Not only does the film hold the broken glass together but the anchoring system holds the glass into the frame therefore increasing the performance.

Decorative Films

  • Decorative Glass Solutions

    Whether for privacy or just adding a decorative flare to your home or office, we offer a variety of decorative films to fit your needs.

Luxury Window Films